We are the Sober Mom Squad!

✨ Healing through Connection ✨

Motherhood is not easy.
Sobriety makes it better.
Connection makes it possible. 

"Back when women were all in the hut together, raising their children side by side, they had the support needed to be the present parents those times required. Today, we are on our own. We stand in the kitchen screaming by ourselves, and we wonder why no one is listening."
— Emily Lynn Paulson, Founder

How It Works

As a member, you get access to:

🌸 A caring, supportive community of other moms who are exploring what it means to lead an alcohol free lifestyle—including those who are newly sober or sober curious.

👩‍❤️‍👩:   SIS: Sisters in Support: Peer companions to support you in your alcohol free journey! This voluntary option is a great way to make a personal connection and ask questions 1:1 to someone who has BEEN THERE.

🗓 A weekly virtual meeting! We talk about all things motherhood, from the mundane to the tough stuff, and give you space to share whatever is on your heart!

🌎 The opportunity to easily meet women and mothers near you, so you can build a squad of trusted, sober mom friends in your area. 

💜 safe, private community forum where you can post, ask questions, share your story, and be celebrated by other moms.

👥 Groups organized specifically for single moms, moms of neurodivergent kids, newly sober moms, and many more!

🙌 Practical tools and proven frameworks for navigating situations like holiday parties, travel, and special events, so you can feel confident in your sobriety and your choices as a parent.

📚 Curated resources including book lists, favorite podcasts, playlists, and more.

📙 Monthly Book club just for SMS members.

To build your own Recovery toolkit, you also have access to the following (additional fees may apply):

📱 Multiple Daily Meetups that you can join anytime! 

🧘‍♀️EFT TAPPING every week taught by a certified instructor!

🖥 Expert Webinars LIVE monthly including Q&A with our members (you!) plus access to a library of all past webinars! 

🔑 Goal Setting monthly with our certified coach

🖊 Writing for Recovery every week taught by a writing expert!

🤝 Group Coaching with 20 sessions per month that you can add on as needed, or drop into each month when you're ready

🏆 REWIND - FREEDOM FROM ALCOHOL Program led by Certified Professional Naked Mind Coaches to help make alcohol small and irrelevant in your life! 

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Hear From Our Members

"Sober Mom Squad has had such an incredible impact on my sober journey. Being able to surround myself with welcoming, non-judging, understanding moms, makes me feel less alone and gives me the courage to keep moving forward with my goal of living alcohol-free. It's not easy to quit alcohol when we live in such mommy-wine-culture, but Sober Mom Squad reminds me that it is not only possibly, it is beautiful and pretty badass." — Jess S.
"SMS has been such a vital part of my recovery. It's a wonderful community that reminds me that I'm not alone through other women's stories and is a place to share my own." — Noelle
"I got sober with the support of the IG sober community and when the pandemic hit, I found the Sober Mom Squad. SMS helped me get through the pandemic and I will forever be grateful. Whether your babies are in diapers or heading off to college—we all have days we wonder how we are going to make it through. "Momming" is hard and so is sobriety, but by sharing our stories in this safe, trusting and supportive community, it's all a little easier." — Heather T.
"When I got pregnant, I was worried that belonging to a mom group meant I'd be forced. to navigate mommy wine culture. I'm so grateful this group exists. I feel supported as a mom to be and a sober woman!" — Anna C.

About Emily Lynn Paulson

SMS Founder

Emily is a writer, TEDx speaker, Certified Naked Mind Coach, She Recovers Designated Coach, Certified Facilitator of Addiction Awareness, and a member of the long term recovery community. Sober since January 2, 2017, she has appeared on media outlets including The Today Show, The Doctors, The Tamron Hall Show, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and USA Today, discussing how to end the shame and stigma of mental health and substance abuse. Emily is the author of Highlight Real: Finding Honesty & Recovery Beyond the Filtered Life and the forthcoming book Hey Hun: Selling Sisterhood, Supplements, and Supremacy (May 2023). She resides in Central Oregon with her husband and their five children.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the virtual meetings, and what happens there?

The Wednesday 10 am PST meeting is included with membership, with the ability to add ALL daily meetups! Our current virtual meeting schedule is listed below. All meetings last for one hour, and are conducted via a private Zoom link that's only available to Sober Mom Squad members. They start with a reading or short discussion, and the rest of the time is for sharing and conversation.

Virtual Meeting Schedule - SUBJECT TO CHANGE (pacific time):

Monday: 7 am, 11 am, 2pm, 6 pm
Tuesday: 6 am, 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 4 pm
Wednesday: 7 am, 10 am, 5pm
Thursday: 6 am, 9am, 11:30 am, 1 pm, 5pm, 8pm
Friday: 7 am, 9 am, noon, 5pm
Saturday: 6 am, 6 pm
Sunday: 7 am, 8 am, 5 pm

We also host regular weekly meetups in our small groups—including writing for recovery, and a weekly pilates class (among many others!).

Do I have to speak or show my face in webinars, meetings, or group coaching sessions?

Never! Sharing is always optional, as is showing your face. You can also simply take part in the community, which is invaluable! 

What if I can't make the meetings or webinars live?

Due to privacy, we are not recording the weekly virtual meetings or coaching. However, all of the webinars will be recorded and posted for later viewing. The community and other resources will always be accessible.

What if I'm not a mom yet, but want to be? Or what if my kids are already grown up?

Once a mom, always a mom! For those planning a family, we would love to have you. Establishing yourself as a sober mom before you become one is incredible!

What if I don't identify as sober, or am just sober curious?

We would love to have you. We all started our journey somewhere! We are all like minded in the sense that alcohol and substances are not required accessories to motherhood. Our REWIND program would be a perfect start!

What if I've been trying to quit drinking for years, am not sure if I want to stop forever, am still drinking/using, or have a slip or relapse?

Even more reason for you to need a community of moms who understand! Our REWIND program would be a great addition for you.

Are these recovery meetings?

No, they are not AA or NA or SMART recovery or any other recovery program. Our meetups are for connection, female empowerment, and motherhood. We are a group of moms trudging through motherhood together, desiring an alcohol free life through it all. We welcome people from all recovery modalities, practices, religions, colors, shapes, and sizes! If you are a mom (or mom to be) navigating the sober or sober-curious lifestyle, we are here for you.

What about privacy?

Though only Sober Mom Squad members have access to the Zoom information for the weekly meetings + community forum, we cannot guarantee your complete privacy or anonymity. If you are concerned, simply keep your video off and use a different name.

You are also welcome to use a nickname or only share your first or last initial when you are joining the community and setting up your profile.

Is the community on Facebook?

No, everything listed above in a private space completely outside of Facebook, accessible from the web or your phone!

What does the membership cost?

Sober Mom Squad community membership starts at $15 per month, with the option to add meetings, coaching, and other features as needed. Bundling options or paying annually gives you the greatest savings! 

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

You can cancel or downgrade your membership at any time, but we do not offer refunds. Please contact us directly at [email protected] if you have questions and see our terms and conditions for more info on this policy. 

I can't afford the membership right now, do you have scholarships?

Yes! We offer scholarships and sliding scale memberships. Please contact us at [email protected] to find out more. We also have our free Wednesday meeting every week!

How do I download the app?

Go here to download the app on iOS, and go here to download the app on Android.

Where do I find group coaching?

Group coaching with qualified, certified coaches is available within the Sober Mom Squad membership as an optional add-on. For an additional $150 per month inside our community once you are a member of the Sober Mom Squad, you can access any/all of our 20 group coaching meetings and resources. If you only need group coaching for one or two sessions, join for the month and then cancel. You can drop back in anytime. You can also purchase a bundle option for a discount!

What is group coaching and how does it work? 

Led by qualified, certified coaches, our Group Coaching offering within the Sober Mom Squad will give you a deeper opportunity to access support when and how you need it. RSVP for the days/times that you want. You can bring one or two topics or limiting beliefs to the zoom call, anytime during the coaching hour. Our Professional, Certified Coaches/Counselors/Dietitians will help work through your unique question/challenge! Once your question is addressed you can log off, or stay on the whole time. Your choice!

What is the current coaching schedule? 

Jen Elizabeth, Certified Trauma Coach, every Tuesday at noon pst. 

Jessica LandonCertified HeartMath Coach, every Sunday at noon pst. 

Michelle SmithCertified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, every Monday at 9 am pst. 

Dana BurnsRegistered Dietitian, every other Friday at 10 am pst.

Kelly JuncoCertified Life and Recovery Coach, SHE RECOVERS Coach, every other Friday at 6 am PST and every other Saturday at noon pst.

More coaches and times will be added as this group grows!

What about other substances/drugs?

We have moms in recovery from many different types of substances, and you are welcome here. We also do not take a personal stance on drug use, just as we do not take a personal stance on alcohol use, but we do not allow conversation in our meetings or community encouraging others to use substances, or to promote your use of them. Our meetings are focused on living alcohol free.

Ready to join us?

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We can't wait to meet you. 💜

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